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TIDK implements ESG projects in which we offer comprehensive support in the area of analysis and integration of relevant data sources, development of data models and technical implementation of the solution in the analytical infrastructure, along with knowledge transfer if the client is ready for independent development. In the context of carbon footprint monitoring, we comprehensively cover all three areas:

  • Scope 1 – direct emissions;
  • Scope 2 – indirect emissions (energy);
  • Scope 3 – other indirect emissions (measured from January 2023).


The solution involves the implementation of a method for calculating the organization’s carbon footprint, taking into account all related companies (within the capital group). The project consists of three stages:
1. Conducting the analysis (3 weeks)
2. Implementation of the solution basis (7 weeks)
3. Implementation of the scenario(s) within the applicable scopes and their visualization in Power BI (2-8 weeks depending on the scope)


  • Data availability analysis
  • Identification of sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the organization,
  • Monitoring of indicators in accordance with Greenhouse Gas Protocol standards (GHG Protocol),
  • Solution tailored to the nature of the organization’s data and in technology enabling the management and development of the system with internal resources.

Business Case

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